Causes of Snoring

Trying to find a cure for your snoring can be frustrating, and often futile, until you understand the causes of snoring.

Snoring can be an exhausting and embarrassing condition, draining your energy, jeopardizing your health, and disrupting sleep for you and your partner. Every snoring treatment is different, designed to deal with the underlying causes of snoring, so it is important to understand why you snore. Otherwise you may find yourself going through one treatment after another, draining your wallet and draining your patience with little or no results.

Once you accept that you do have a snoring problem, and that it’s a problem you need to deal with, the first step should always be determining the cause of your snoring. Observing yourself while you are drifting to sleep can help, as cans your partner, or your doctor, dentist, or a sleep clinic, or snoring center.

Some of the most common causes of snoring include:

– Sinus infections, colds, or allergies;
– Sleeping pills, sedatives, or drinking alcohol before going to bed;
– Nasal problems, including a deviated septum;
– Sleeping on your back, causing the tongue to slip into the throat, blocking breathing;
– Being overweight, with fat around the neck making breathing at night difficult;
– A structural issue in the mouth including an elongated or flabby soft palate; or
Sleep apnea, a dangerous condition when you actually stop breathing for several seconds, multiple times during the night.

A process of trial and error can help you find out the causes of snoring. For example, if you should lose weight anyway, why not start now, and try not sleeping on your back for the next several nights?

A sleep lab or snoring center can help determine causes for snoring.

Snoring can become more than just a barrier to a good night’s sleep. Snoring and related conditions can cause major health problems when left untreated. Have you spoken to your doctor about your snoring? Your doctor may suggest a sleep lab (a.k.a. snoring center) where your sleep and breathing can be monitored to look for causes of snoring.

Remember, while occasional snoring is normal, there is always an underlying reason for ongoing snoring. Understanding the causes of snoring can be the important first step to returning to a peaceful and energizing sleep.