The Best Way – Or Five – For Training Labrador Puppies

After the decision to buy a Labrador puppy on sale, or (if you’re very lucky) have someone gift you a dog, the biggest choice for you to make is how to go about training Labrador puppies.

As you hunt for tips on dog training, you’ll surely come across many books, DVD courses, videos and online aids that promise to teach you the best way to do it. Your dilemma is finding out which approach to follow!

Here are some tips you can try out first, as you seek your way through towards enjoying a new obedient puppy!

Train With Love

Labrador puppies are very friendly, energetic and active puppies. They’re always running around or digging up your garden. If you leave them alone, they will pine for your company – and get aggressive, barking loudly at being ignored. Be prepared to spend enough time with them.

Get Physical

Labrador retrievers show remarkable agility, which is why the English often used them for hunting, to retrieve game they shot. These inherently active breeds need to exercise a lot on a schedule, or else they’ll quickly get overweight.

While being overweight may not be a problem, this often leads to hip dysplasia, as well as behavior disturbances. So exercise your Lab puppies at least twice a day.

Start Housebreaking

Labrador puppies love to chew things, and they can easily ruin furniture and other things in your house if they aren’t taught what not to do. Because they are smart dogs, it is easy to teach them the right behavior. Start early and follow tips and tricks that work effectively (you can find many books, DVD courses and videos on this online)

Kennel and Crate Training

Making sure your Labrador puppies have protection in a safe environment is an important part of housebreaking them. Dogs love small spaces, so provide them with a puppy crate. Introduce crate and kennel training gradually. Start by feeding them while inside. Once it becomes a familiar place for your puppies, they’ll love to go in and out of it.

Take It Step By Step

Once you start training Labrador puppies, remember to take it slowly. There are many guides and tips to follow. Remember that it is easy to get your dog to follow basic rules and commands – as well as teaching her more complex tricks. But it won’t happen overnight.

Try different ways to teach your puppies, and encourage them for doing well. Feedback and appreciation will lead to rapid progress while making the training process more enjoyable.

Reward and Treat

Like for beagles and German shepherds, using positive reinforcement to train your Lab pups is a great plan. The best way to do it is reward activity that is desirable – and punish misbehavior. That’s why people use a dog training clicker to show their puppies what activity they are being rewarded for.

Labrador puppies are very devoted and loyal dogs. When you lavish attention, therapy and love on them, they will learn very quickly and become obedient, housebroken and friendly.