Trading Binary Options: An Overview

Binary options have emerged as one of the best ways for traders to make a large profit in a short span of time. No longer do they have to use risky strategies or unconventional methods to predict the momentum of the market and earn money. With binary options trading, the traders can reduce the risk and complexity of trading in the financial markets. There are several brokers and platforms which can be used for support to ensure your trading is successful. So if you want to get started with trading binary options, here is an overview to give you an idea of what to expect.

Hiring a Broker

The first step in binary trading is to hire a successful and reliable broker. There is no lack of options when it comes to selecting a binary options broker as there are several you can find online. However, you need to make sure the one you select is the best choice for you.

Knowledge of Binary Options

Simply because you have been a day trader before doesn’t mean that you will be able to trade binary options as well. The considerations to be made are different so there are certain things you will need to know beforehand. Your knowledge of binary trading will come in handy when making trading decisions.

Avoiding Scams

Just as there are a lot of brokers for trading binary options, there are a lot of scam offers available online. You have to learn how to avoid the scam offers as you could end up losing all of the money you have saved up for trading.

Once you get started on the right track, you will learn a lot about binary options trading through experience. Follow the initial tips and there is nothing stopping you from becoming a successful binary options trader.

Why you should prefer to trade binary options

Binary options trading provides traders much more control on their money than traditional trading. Two main benefits are:

  • Risks are limited and can be pre-calculated
  • Greater potential for fast, high-percentage and repeated profits

Still not sure? Start with demo account

New clients are offered by Banc De Binary a free demo account where they can trade polish their trading skills. BDB brokers provide support via chat or phone for the trading software. More experienced traders can get service from BDB’s market analysis, advanced online platforms and technologies which will allow them to make the best decisions for trading confidentially 24/7 anywhere on the globe.

Where To Find Girls In Bangkok For Dates

If it’s your first time visiting the area, you may be asking where to find girls in Bangkok. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that you certainly don’t have to look very far. You won’t be on a scavenger hunt, prowling around the city, eager to find one willing female; they will pretty much flood your path in every direction.

GoGo Bars vs. Clubs

If you inquire from the locals where to find girls in Bangkok, you will be directed to either a GoGo bar or a club. There is an array of laid back pubs in the city as well but if you are looking for services, you likely won’t find what you want there.

Go Go Bars are in abundance, especially in the infamous Red Light District. There are establishments that are fully staffed with girls who dance, sit and drink with you, sometimes offer massages and are happy to leave and accompany you on a date, providing you pay their bar fine. Ask around and you’ll like be told to head to Sukhumvit road; this is where to find girls in Bangkok.

Now, clubs are a delicate subject; some will provide bar girls, others won’t. However, whether you are looking for girls or not, you must hit up at least one club during your stay, it will be an experience beyond your dreams! This is where you go for the hottest party around! Not to mention, many off-the-clock girls come to the clubs to hang out. A few popular picks are Royal City, Avenue, Route 66, The Escuado Club and the Zeed Ratchada Club. Please dress to impress and be prepared to spend some money.

If you are like most others, you come to Bangkok with one thing on your mind and it’s not golf, beaches or mindless chitchat. If this sounds like you, then you want to check out the following establishments.

•Baccarara Bar – The interior is edgy, eclectic and insanely stylish with one of the best layouts of all bars in town. Girls wear bikinis on the ground floor stage but on the second floor they wear schoolgirl outfits to dance on a transparent floor. Obviously the best seating is on the ground floor if you don’t mind getting a sore neck from looking up.
•Rawhide – Considered to be one of Bangkok’s best GoGo bars, the atmosphere is fun, the décor and girls are exotic and fresh. This is a hassle-free environment where you will not be pestered every few minutes to buy drinks.
•Dollhouse Agogo Bar – Girls dance in two different teams here; they are split up according to their height and breast size. This is a popular place to have a private party up on the upper level.
•Long Gun – This is one of Bangkok’s most established bars and remains a favorite. Whether it’s your 1st or 100th time visiting the city, it’s worth a trip. Shows are tasteful yet sexy, girls are never pushy and they offer reasonable drink prices.
•Carousel – Here’s a very popular venue in Nana Plaza. Inside you will find two carousels, an abundance of girls who often get away with being completely naked and you can smoke inside, unlike most others.
•Playskool – This bar is busy all the time. It is small so it feels more crowded than it probably should but the girls wear school girl uniforms which nearly anyone can appreciate.
•G-spot – Not only one of the busiest bars in the city but also the largest. Three stages and a lot of nude dancing is what you’ll find here. Be warned though, while the girls may be naked, they are not very energetic with their dancing.
•Rainbow 1 – This bar is on the list of where to find girls in Bangkok mainly because of its location. It may not have the flashy décor that others boast but it’s at a prime corner in Nana Plaza so it stays busy. Due to constant business, there are typically 150 girls working at time; take your pick!

Note: It’s Not all Roses

While some will paint a rosy picture that all Young Thai Girls love their jobs, they don’t. There are some who hate it but they do what they have to do to provide for their families. Many already have children from a broken marriage who they have to leave behind with grandparents while they go to the city to work. Depending on geography and finances, they may only be able to get home once a year to see them, missing out on a lot of precious moments.

There are many girls who get involved in the Thailand and sex lifestyle with the intention of saving up enough money to get out quickly but they never do. For some it’s an addiction, it’s impossible for them to leave. Those who stay in too long often lose their money from gambling or drugs or they support their Thai boyfriends while others won’t get out until they are suffering from issues like mental disorders, drug addiction or sexually transmitted diseases. Always treat these girls with respect, you never know their full life story or the burden that they carry.

Do I Need Inventory Tracking For My Small Business?

Ask yourself these questions: Do I sell more than a dozen items? Do I ship any of these items? Have I ever misplaced an item in inventory? Has anything ever gone missing? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you need inventory tracking. Whether you track your items by name alone or with a code, perhaps an expiration date, inventory tracking can take care of any problems related to the items you sell.

In today’s day and age, the global market is huge and any business that taps into that market needs to know where things are. Most items these days are produced in factories, whether they are tangible or edible. Take Macaroni and Cheese for example. The wheat for the pasta is shipped in from the field to a processing plant where it is ground into flour. That flour is then shipped to a pasta manufacturer who makes the macaroni and then ships that onto the packaging company. The cheese begins with the dairy farmer who sends the milk to a processing plant where cheese is made and the cheese is sent to another processing plant where it is turned into a powder and other ingredients are added and placed in little packets which are then shipped to the packaging company. The cardboard for the box begins with paper pulp from trees; goes to a processing plant that turns it into thin cardboard that is shipped to the printers where the pretty designs are added to the box and the shape is cut out and then that is shipped to the packaging company. With all three things in place, the Mac and Cheese is finally assembled and shipped out to the stores.

To further follow the Mac and Cheese, it is un-catalogued when it arrives in the store, inventoried, placed on the shelf, scanned at the point of sale, taken home and finally consumed. Whew! Now what happens when any one of these companies has no idea where one of the many ingredients is? Chaos! Production stops, sales are lots, even jobs are potentially lost. No one wants to be the weak link in the chain.

Whether you are selling Mac and Cheese or not, the fact remains that you are selling something and that something needs to be tracked. A good business will know where its inventory is. From where the inventory item was produced, to when it was shipped, to when it arrives at the store and on to when it is sold, the process needs to be tracked and documented or things get lost, misplaced, etc. and then money starts flying out the door and the business may come crashing down.

Inventory tracking can be accomplished in several ways, of which bar-coding is probably the best method. Everything is scanned every step of the way. It is loaded into a database that is accessed by the business owner who then in turn can make adjustments to suppliers who may ship things faster, adjustments to the quantity of items they want to keep in inventory, etc. Not only does bar-coding track the item to the store, but it tracks the item as it is put on the shelf and when it is scanned at the register allowing for you to know what is selling, when to restock it and much more. So, do you need inventory tracking? Yes, you do!

How To Choose A Case For A Phone?

How to choose a Case for a Phone?


Covers & Cases are widely-used to shield different type of cell-phones. Cases are made of different type of materials dependent on your phone for which it’s likely to be used. Mot in-demand materials are leather and silicon as leather-based covers are for top notch devices and silicon cases are for cheaper in price ones. Cases can be found in numerous varieties of color such as white, blue, black, red etc. Always select your mobile case with very same pattern in which your smartphone has. An inappropriate case puts a bad impact on some others as you take the cellular phone or smartphone out of your pocket or purse.

Whenever you are intending to select the mobile cover then only choose those in which your cell phone must fit properly so as it should then protect the device. Also take into account of the intuitive impression and handiness of case/cover. A great case is always that one which has to be detached to obtain the all functions but in addition the cellular phone should also be secured.

Kinds of mobile cases/covers:

Cellular phone covers are attainable for different purpose: For making your mobile phone more fashionable, secure the telephone from impact, scrapes and cracks and to make cellular phone robust etc. Below are some of kinds of mobile covers:

1. Pouches:

Pouches are the covers in which your cell-phone slides into for safe holding. It also appears more stylish and more operational and is accessible in numerous distinct color, designs and models.

2. Flip Cases:

Flip mobile case covers the either side of the cell-phone. Thus these tend to be the most protective cases among the some other covers. You may have to take the flip off from the phone to utilize the options of your mobile phone. These are the hottest mobile cases/covers for expensive mobile phone devices or smartphones. You may also link up any more things to your phone without taking out the flip cover.

3. Leather Cases:

You will find two versions of leather cases/covers obtainable that are: movable flip leather case and vertical leather case. These are perfect mobile cases to protect the mobile towards accidental shocks. You will need to take away your phone out of the cover.

4. Silicon Cases:

As the term shows the Silicon covers are composed of silicon and therefore they are the lowest cost mobile phone covers among the other mobile phone cases. Silicon cases also are available to the custom mobile designs manufactured by the most popular mobile brands.

5. Wallet Cases:

Wallet cover is mostly made of leather and has the better safety as compared to most of other covers. You need to take the phone out of the wallet to utilize its operation. This is used for multi-purpose elements to keep safe. It not merely secures your mobile device but in addition has some gaps for smart cards, passport etc.


So, here’s the concept of mobile covers and forms of covers available in the marketplace presently. Merely obtain the concept and decide on the one that is most suitable for you and secure the cell phone from scrapes, impact, waters, dist, and crack etc. Each individual must employ a mobile case to make your smartphone more smart, fashionable and robust. Choose the greatest color, design and shape for the cell phone and shield your device and make it safe to use.

Cell Phone Covers & Cases

Covers & Cases are used to shield different type of cell-phones. Cases are made from distinct type of materials based on your phone for which it is about to be utilized. Most common materials are leather and silicon as leather cases/covers are for high-quality devices and silicon cases are economical ones. Cases/covers can be found in numerous types of color such as white, blue, black, red etc. Always select your mobile case with very same pattern in which your mobile phone has. An inappropriate case puts an awful impact on some others as you take the cellular phone or smart phone out of your pocket or purse. Here is a list of the best Galaxy S5 covers so far:

1. Fosmon Case for Galaxy S5
After investing heavily in your Galaxy S5, you will concur it deserves the best protection it can get. Fosmon is made with good quality thermoplastic polyurethane, which ensures protection of high quality and resilient durability. With this particular case you should have satisfaction if you know your phone is in perfect condition. It can also help guard against smears, dirt, drops, scratches, and bumps. There isn’t any limitation to accessing the ports and enjoying top features of your phone using the case on. The case is made from durable and lightweight material.

2. Galaxy S5 TPU Case
This sleek and thin case offers protection against scratch without increasing bulkiness. It is manufactured out of durable polycarbonate plastic high quality and is also lightweight. The case does not limit you to accessing front buttons and slide out keyboard. It permits full entry to touchscreen. You will find there’s precision cut-out for microphone, speakerphone, controls, ports, and camera. This premium Crystal image case is a brilliant way to protect your cell phone. It provides protection from dents, chips, and unnecessary scratch. No skills or tools needed everything you need to do is just snap it on to get a new elegant appearance. However, it cannot fit phones with extended battery

3. TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy S5
Not only does TPU Rubber Gel Case offer your Smartphone protection it also gives it an exceptional look. Your phone is certain to get the safety it requires from scratches and bumps. The cover is easy to use it and to remove it. The design sets apart your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone from the others. Additionally, the case provides access to all buttons and ports. You can easily keep hold of your phone, thanks to the textured gripper case. It is constructed with an ultra-low profile design that makes the case not to hinder any buttons or even the screen with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone.

Best iPhone 6 cases and more

iPhones are offered and designed by Apple Inc. The recent presented version of iPhone series are iPhone 6. The market is looking to the upcoming iPhone unleash from Apple which might be iPhone 6 that might contain huge-volume upgrades as compared to previous released designs. You can find plenty of rumors that arise about its function, functionality and design. The market is additionally started building equipment that can be usable and will complement iPhone 6 models such as earphones, cases and similar products.

iPhone functions and tech specifications:

The primary change that Apple might do with this new smartphone will likely be phone display size, picture resolution, CPU, design and camera. This iPhone shall be presented in September, 2014 probably or might be deferred right until the end of this year.

In iPhone 6 collection, Apple Inc. increased its phone display size from 3.6 inches to 4.7 inches and rumor says that the new screen size will probably be either 4.7 inches or 6.6 inches. This is because Windows and Android phones are entering the market with larger touch screen sizes and both tend to be the direct opponents of Apples products. The possible resolution display of iPhone 6 shall be 1704 x 906 which will give the 4.7 inch phone display a pixel density of 416 and 6.6 inch display screen a pixel density of 366. The Apple isn’t likely to transform its thinner design approach and take the same familiar cutouts.

With iPhone 6 Apple will be utilizing an innovative A8 20 nanometer chip from TSMC manufacturers. In iPhone 5 collection 64 bit A7 28 nanometer sized chip has been used which was the solution of Samsung. The phone will possess the exact same 8 megapixel camera with advancements in its functionalities. iPhone 6 will also keep the some other functions for example 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, Touch ID fingerprint and modest battery gain.

iPhone 6 Cases and Covers:

iPhone 6 phone covers are already readily available in the market and online for preorder. These covers are designed especially for iPhone 6 and using constant technologies to stay longer and perform proficiently. The two most renowned of all cases are HotCool iPhone 6 case and Caseology iPhone 6 cases.

HotCool iPhone 6 case:

These cases are designed specifically for Apple iPhone 6 with 4.7 inches phone display design. The outside design is designed to shield back, corners and side surface. It will secure your iPhone 6 from marks. Built-in kickstand facilitates user to watch favored movie clips comfortably. It’s great to utilize this case for scratch protection, unintentional drops and protection from dust.

Caseology Apple iPhone 6 cases:

That is the multi-purpose case with 2 card slots and internal packet for carrying credit cards. It also has a built-in stand to view device media comfortably. The case is intended to protect the smartphone from water, dust and many other impacts. It has right cutouts for full access to buttons, camera, mic and speakers.
For the best iPhone 6 cases and accessories, please visit the official iphone site.

What Should A Web Design Cost

cost of website
The average web design cost has recently been increasing and I honestly think the variation in prices charged is too extreme. This post isn’t going to make me any friends in the industry but I hold honesty and integrity in business as my top priority.

I will attempt to articulate this without stepping on toes but the main focus is to help business owners understand what they pay for.

In simple terms, the website design cost is decided by the hourly rate charged and the hours spent designing the website. In reality a third element exists which has an unfortunate impact, the company/designer expenses.

Compare designers’ work and their prices

It’s this third element which can be the price difference between two design companies/designers of the same caliber. I recommend business owners remain cautious of companies claiming their higher prices are due to better quality designs.

In no way am I saying a web design company/designer shouldn’t price their work with their expenses in mind. I am saying business owners should explore the different designers available and compare the quality of work and prices against their competition.

How you are charged

With that piece of advice out of the way, let’s take a look at what you pay for. Cost per hour and time taken to design the site is what business owners should focus on.

The cost per hour can vary for many reasons and it ranges right across the board. I thought of putting a range in here but there will always be someone who prices their services outside that range.

I personally wouldn’t recommend paying more than $80 per hour for the work. That is expensive in my opinion.

Although per hour costs vary significantly, the major difference is seen in the hours it takes for a designer to complete a job. Therefore I highly recommend you keep your website design cost minimal by preparing.

Here is a quick break down of the web design process and hours that will likely be billed:
• Consult with client – Shouldn’t bill you for this
• Idea development and proof made in graphics program (Photoshop) – 8 hours or more
• Proof reviewed by client and changes suggested – Shouldn’t charge for this
• Design is adjusted by designers – Shouldn’t exceed 2 hours unless total revamp
• Design adjusted and reviewed by client. Further changes can be suggested – Shouldn’t charge for this
• Review rounds continued until client is happy – This varies according to client needs
• Approved design is transferred on to the website – 6 hours or more
• Client approves the website or requests changes – This varies according to client needs

Here are a few points to keep in mind:
• Expert designers do not take long to create a design in Photoshop. The most time is actually spent on idea development.
– I wouldn’t expect a designer to take more than 15 hours to come up with the initial design proof in Photoshop.
• Developers experienced in coding should be able to transform the design into a website pretty quickly.
– Unless you are requesting code they haven’t done before I wouldn’t expect more than 20 hours to be spent coding.

The above hours are a suggested maximum. I am talking about experienced professionals that do this every day.

web design cost estimate

Maximum I would consider paying

So let’s break down what I would consider the maximum web design cost for a content managed site. This is a website that allows you to add your own pages, sell products, includes a blog, contact pages sends out newsletters etc.

Company charges $80 per hour maximum
Company builds website in 35 hours (15 hours design, 20 hours coding)
Total cost: $80 x 35 = $2,800

Should you pay this? Well it’s up to you.

Be aware, you may also have to pay the following costs on top:
• Consultation fees to discuss the project
• Training fees for website lessons
• SEO education/consultation fees
• SEO implementation

All of this is usually charged on a per hour basis.

The alternative

Your alternative to paying high costs can be found in a fixed rate design company. Good fixed rate designers professionally plan their business knowing how to build websites efficiently for clients. If you find a good one (insert shameless plug for our business), jump on their services because you know what you are paying upfront.

If you do work with a fixed price designer, take note of their design revision policy. Our company can keep the initial web design cost low whilst offering one free revision. Any further revisions will cost the client a low cost hourly rate to change.

Electrical muscle stimulators (EMS)

Luigi Galvani in the year 1971 showed that electric current can activate muscle. Since then, medical physiology research has been carried out on the same and has revealed that the mechanics of electrical simulation causes changes in the cells of nerves, blood vessels and muscles.

Muscle stimulators or more commonly, electrical muscle stimulators (EMS), are used for therapeutic, cosmetic and training purposes and in medicine even for rehabilitation purposes. The effect that causes the strengthening and toning of muscles is mimicked by practitioners for aesthetics goals. Secondly, muscle stimulators are also used for calorie burning, however only in cases where the body is active and takes part in physical activities. They are also used for toning of abs.

It has become a very popular treatment mode and has helped patients survice central nervous system impairment, strokes and spinal cord injuries. It has helped patients recover from orthopedic surgeries including anterior ligament reconstructive surgeries.

It serves as an evaluation mode to test neural and muscular functioning in the body, strength training tools and also post-exercise recovery tools for athletes. It takes almost 9,000 rounds for the brain to process how to transmit a message via a nerve pathway to a particular muscle.

Using these devices do not guarantee washboard abs or toned calf muscles. The electrical synapse only causes the muscles to contract. Stimulating and charging muscles with electric current constantly may eventually result in some minor changes in strengthening and toning the muscles, but will not have a major effect unless one combines this stimulation process with a healthy diet practice and regular physical activity including daily cardio routines and muscle exercise.

EMS machines have been authorised to be used for maintaining and increasing the range of motion, muscle re-application, post-surgical stimulation, relaxation of muscle spasms, prevention of disuse atrophy and increasing the local blood circulation.

However there have been reports filed against the use of EMS machines such as reports of shocks, bruising, muscle pain, burns and skin irritation. Most of these injuries are quite serious and require prolonged hospital treatments. There is also a possibility of electrocution which proves to be highly fatal and may even cause death in dire situations.

The EMS machine has been proved to be an easy and painless option for improving muscle strength and body composition. However, several factors like poor stimulator qualities, contribute to its hazards. Several people on being subjected to high amplitudes of electric current that even started to cause unavoidable and obvious discomfort still could not achieve a muscular contraction of substantial amounts. Hence, it is not advised to be used without any supervision and a change in lifestyle.

Using DSLR Camera Bags

Professional photographers spend thousands of dollars on professional quality equipment and want to be able to protect their investments. Digital SLR cameras have many moving and removable parts. Today’s cameras also come with numerous accessories, like memory cards, body caps, lens caps, neck straps, and much more. It would be easy to lose an item at each photo shoot location. Therefore, the right carrying case like a messenger bag would serve the following purposes: to protect your camera from environmental conditions, keep all your equipment together, and help you organize your equipment. For ten years, M-Rock has been providing our media professionals with high quality bags ranging in size from small to large DSLR sling bags. These bags are also modular, so that any piece of equipment and their accessories can fit securely in the bag.

Each M-Rock bag is made with a durable, weather resistant material on the exterior. All the while your equipment is firmly nestled inside the bag between ultra-soft felt and scratch resistant materials. The M-Rock bags come in various sizes and several easily accessible pockets. Ranging from small single camera bags to large multi-camera bags, there is an M-Rock bag for every situation. Within each bag, there are several adjustable sections for your camera, extra lenses, and other accessories to be stowed away neatly and allows you to organize your equipment. These sections allow you to organize your equipment based on size or shape, and even accessibility; if it is small then you can use camera sling bag. You are able to keep all of your equipment in one place and have sections to store all of the little or big accessories that come with photography.

Photographers are constantly on the move and will travel all over the world. M-Rock fully understands their customers’ needs and would like their customers to focus on the important things. M-Rock bags offer the flexibility that photographers need where ever they may go. M-Rock’s attention to detail and their desire to provide their customers with practical solutions have led to their line of uniquely designed camera carry case. M-Rock has 15 modular bags, which can be used individually, or mixed and matched with each other to form the perfect carrying case for your equipment. The modules allows for a customized and personalized feel.

Founder, Michael Rockwell aspires to deliver the finest equipment carriers to his customers. In addition to his fine products, Michael Rockwell has also been known to assist his customers in selecting their perfect carrying case or sling bags. He not only strives to meet the needs of his customers with his products, but he would also like his customers to have an enjoyable shopping experience. Similar to its owner, M-Rock has gained their reputation for their excellence in products and customer service.

Surpassing their competitors, M-Rock has served the world with world-class quality bags at a reasonable price. The next time you are hiking through the jungles of the wet Amazon, or in an environmentally controlled studio, be glad that your equipment is safely protected in one of M-Rock’s full feature camera backpack.

Professional photographers or amateur photographers who have decided to go professional will undoubtedly need a camera bag that is just as professional. This is because casual non-professional camera bags will just not cut it.

The number of lenses a professional comes with as well as the expensive extra equipment cannot just be thrown into an old tote you found in your attic.

If you have used up most of your budget in buying camera equipment and have barely any more left for buying a professional camera bag, take note that these bags are not necessarily expensive.

You can wait for seasonal or online sales as well as sign up for vouchers for an online store to get a DSLR sling bag for your camera without the professional price.

A lot of end of season sales feature a selection of camera carry case which are especially made for professional camera equipment that you can take with you when you go off to shoot your subjects. Even stationary photographers that work from a studio doing portraits will need a professional bag for their camera.

This is to keep your bag from getting dusty as well as from keeping your equipment safe in the event you have subjects who are children. This is because children do like to bump into things or tinker with expensive equipment.

You can find a lot of different styles of professional bags for your camera (like a branded messenger bag or camera sling bag) by choosing from online selections or in professional camera stores. If you are wondering how different a camera bag can be from a regular bag, it will benefit you to know that camera bags for professional have special shapes and compartments made for lenses, tripods and other equipment specific to photographers.

On the other hand, if you are just an amateur or a beginning photographer, you may want to invest in a sling bag when you turn professional and not right away. Impulsively buying a professional camera bag when you have not even taken your first camera shots yet may be a waste of money.

This is because you will at this point not really have equipment just yet, such as tripods and ten different lenses to carry in your camera backpack. It will be a better and a more practical decision for you to wait until you actually do have the extra equipment before you get yourself a bag of this type.

What to Look for In Camera Bags?

The three major classes of cameras are film camera, compact digital cameras and digital SLR cameras. Film cameras are low on functionality and practicality. They’re also more expensive than digital cameras. Nowadays only a few people resort to film cameras. Hence, finding a film camera bag can be slightly tedious. You can order leather Nikon camera bags online or even settle for good quality second hand ones. The point and click digital camera is diminutive and compact. It is the most widely used digital camera. Since it is small and does not come with added accessories, all you need is a sling bag or a messenger bag.

Shoulder bags or camera sling bags are the most popular bags used to carry expensive digital SLR cameras. They rate high in terms of convenience and can easily accommodate all your photo gear. They also look similar to a regular shoulder bag hence avoiding excess attention which reduces chances of your precious camera being stolen. However the drawback is that you carry and lug around the bag on one shoulder. So if the bag is heavy, it can get very cumbersome. They’re ideal for urban photographers.

Camera backpacks are also very convenient and popular. They distribute weight equally along your back and shoulder. They are ideal for use in hikes, wild-life photography and prolonged duration outdoors. However they lack in terms of accessibility. In such a case you can use a waist-pack, also known as a hip bag.

If your camera has interchangeable lenses then you require a camera bag that can hold them. Preferably you should use lens covers. You can also employ holsters which are small bags with one or two compartments for lenses. They are used by photo journalists.

A very important point here is that your camera bag should be weather proof. If you are using a DSLR sling bag then you are safe from the temperature; transition from hot to cold places may cause condensation on your camera lens and even on the camera’s internal components. Place a few silica gel packets in the camera bags to induce absorption of moisture and avoid any condensation on the lens. Keep your camera and camera bag protected from dust. Camera bags are also generally water-proof. Dust and condensation may taint your camera lens which can ruin those perfects moments you wish to capture. Therefore invest in good camera carry case and buy a functional and secure camera bag.

Herpes & Herpes Cure

In a perfect world you wouldn’t have herpes and even if you did you would still be with the person you got it from. Unfortunately it’s not a perfect world and there are a number of moral dilemmas that face you if you have experienced an outbreak of genital herpes; particularly on the subjects of dating, sex and relationships.

Should you have herpes, whether genital herpes, cold sores or even both there is no reason you can’t have as normal and healthy sexual life as before. Sure some changes have to be made and it’s awkward telling someone you have herpes but it’s not the end of everything.

You can of course overcome the problem by meeting someone that already does have herpes. This is probably the best solution as you can feel comfortable with your partner from the beginning and enjoy a sexual relationship free from the apprehension that accompanies the possibility of passing on the virus.

Here is a great dating site where you can find people in the same situation so there is no need to feel alone or isolated. You may find a new love or not, but even finding a friend just to chat with can change the way you feel and open up new possibilities –

From the feedback we have gotten over the years it seems the subject that most concerns people who are aware they have herpes is talking about it with a potential new intimate partner.

If you search enough on the subject you will find that there is recommendation for practically every type of herb in existence as a cure or treatment for herpes.

Some that crop up more than others are
– St. John’s Wort [warning]
– Comfrey root
– Ginger root
– Parsley leaf powder
– Red raspberry leaf
– Turkey rhubarb root
– Echinacea.

Some of these herbs may strengthen the body’s immune system, in turn lessening the chance of a herpes or cold sore outbreak.

Check out the research done on increasing the levels of glutathione. to assist the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

There are a myriad of other substances and methods reported to be a natural cure for herpes – these include
– Red marine algae
– Colloidal silver
– Hydrogen peroxide (oxygen therapy)
– Dimethyl Sulfoxide DMSO
– Hypnotism

Of course, other factors such as diet, sufficient sleep, exercise, state of mind and general overall health will play a large part in keeping the outbreaks to a minimum.

Herpes Stigma

There are so many questions the person faces and human nature being as it is there is no surefire answer to those questions. Let’s take a look at some of the issues you face if you have herpes. See if anything speaks to you and helps you discover your best way to overcome the problem of talking about or telling someone you have herpes.

•When do I tell a potential new partner?

•How do I tell the person I have herpes?

•What if they had no intention of becoming intimate anyway and I make a fool of myself?

•What if they reject me?

•Worse yet – what if they reject me and tell other people?

•What if I tell them – they accept me – we take precautions and they still become infected?

•What if………

The questions just keep on coming.

In a recently conducted poll that was done about relationships, genital herpes resulted in the 2nd highest social stigma.

Remember that even if you don’t have herpes the dating and relationship scene is still an unchartered ocean full of dangerous shoals and heavy seas. Sure there is free advice everywhere but look at the divorce rate…shows what the advice is worth.

When it comes down to it there is no foolproof way to predict how another person will react to being told. However if you apply the universal golden rule “treat others how you want to be treated” you may find it will work out ok.

Sometime in the past you have had contact with someone that did have herpes or cold sores and passed them on to you. Statistically there is a good chance that person was not aware they were infected. That’s right out of the 45 Million Americans infected with the Herpes virus about 60% have no symptoms.

Unless they have specifically asked for their blood to be tested for HSV1 and HSV2 during a check-up they would have no way of knowing. So remember when you are faced with having to have “the talk” about genital herpes there is a 25% chance that person already carries the virus…and doesn’t even know it.

Ok you met someone you like and….So let’s say you’ve met someone you like, you have had a few dates or spent some time together and you’d like things to proceed to the next level. You decide you are going to tell them you have herpes.

There’s no pressure, it’s all coming from you and your fear. You have to TAKE CONTROL. Make a date with the person to meet somewhere you can control the situation, talk quietly without being overheard and generally both feel comfortable.

Have some printed information with you that explains the true facts. Remember the person could have false data which may cause them to make an uninformed decision or a bad reaction to what they believe – rather than the facts.

All sounds rather corny but when you see the unhappiness that dishonesty causes in a relationship then maybe the opposite is the way to go to find happiness and a true love. Try it and see what happens, you may be surprised.

It is a funny side to human nature that someone who has cold sores is usually quite open and not embarrassed to say they have the infection. Even though cold sores can be caused by the same virus that causes genital herpes it seems more sociably acceptable to have “just a cold sore” than to have “herpes”.

Remember if you have genital herpes outbreaks or cold sores occurring then there is something you can do. Check with some of the people in various chat forums who also suffer from genital herpes or cold sores and see what they recommend. Try it. You will eventually find something that helps even if only to a small degree.

Lower Back Pain Causes: Why it May not be Your Fault After All

Disease is sometimes the culprit of lower back pain causes. Some diseases are rarer than others while some are not really diseases at all, but more likely conditions. In any case, do not attempt to diagnose lower back pain causes on your own. If you suspect you may suffer from any of these conditions, make an appointment to see a specialist.

Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)

Many in the medical community disagree on what constitutes degenerative disc disease. Like other joints in your body, your discs can break down and lose consistency with age. The word degenerative implies that the pain will continue to get worse, but that is not always the case. Often, the pain can actually get better as the body makes allowances for the degeneration. Youth, however, does not always protect one from DDD as some people in their 20’s suffer from it as well.

Degenerative Disc Disease tends to happen only to those unfortunate individuals who age. Can you think of anyone? Yep, just like the rest of our bodies, our discs lose shape after so many years and become thinner and more brittle. There is not much any of us can do to prevent or slow DDD other than eat right, drink plenty of water and stay in shape. Now where did I put that exercise ball?

Osteoarthritis and Facet Syndrome

A gliding joint between each vertebrae, the facet joints help keep the vertebrae in alignment. They can wear and tear with age just like everything else. When the small facet joints themselves begin to degenerate, usually as we grow older, it can lead to pain.

Another common lower back pain cause, osteoarthritis in other parts of the body, such as the hips, can lead one to walk with a limp, causing lower back pain.

Bone Spurs

Over time, tendons and ligaments can gradually pull bone from their original positions. As bones will conform to the pressure applied to them, smooth deformities can develop, which will often put pressure on nerves, leading to a common lower back pain cause.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal and results in compression of the spinal nerves. This condition typically develops with age, but can also be congenital (from birth). It is a common lower back pain cause in the legs and buttocks. Spinal stenosis can limit one’s ability to walk and move freely. It does not limit ones longevity and other than the pain it produces, is not considered a serious condition (try telling that to someone who suffers from it!).

Exercise and anti-inflammatory medicine are usually prescribed for sufferers of lumbar spinal stenosis. See a doctor to be sure.

Other lower back pain causes such as bacterial infection, chronic back pain syndrome, discitis, fibromyalgia, osteomyelitis, spinal bifida occulta, osteoporosis, scoliosis and spinal tumors are less common, but can still lead to discomfort and pain. Likewise, Paget’s disease can cause abnormal bone growth affecting the lower back as well as other areas of the body.

Unique Hoodia OR UniqueHoodia

Know more about UniqueHoodia

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Most of the Hoodia products available in the market are not of the purest form. They contain extremely less percentage of the Gordonii and more percentage of fillers and other artificial ingredients. Moreover, the product is also not fresh while it reaches the hands of the customer. Most of the sellers exchange the products from several hands before providing it to the customers. Hence, the products loss its freshness by the time it reaches the hand of the customers.

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Why women love the “bad boy”

You have heard it from your friends, you have seen it in films and you probably know a cool character from somewhere who testifies this statement. Women love bad boys!

It is no big secret to anyone that women are generally more attracted towards bad boys than nice guys, but what attracts the women towards them? For starters, bad boys are a more lively and exciting choice than the safe, non-threatening, “nice man”.

Women want more excitement in their lives, not less. Women are naturally drawn to bad boys for this reason; however, women love most of the personality traits that a bad-boy naturally exudes as well.

There are however a few types of techniques that you’ll need to learn, if you wish to succeed and pull off the personality:

Independence – Bad boys are naturally independent, and independence attracts women. Never make yourself “too available”. Make sure you spend plenty of time with your friends and taking care of yourself. Don’t cancel plans for any woman! Don’t be afraid to tell a woman, “I can’t tonight… I’m busy.”

Pedestaling – It is important to never telegraph you true feelings with women (at least not during the wooing stage). When a man meets a woman that he really likes, it is hard not to put her on a pedestal; however, this is the quickest way to ruin any attraction you may have built up. Bad boys never put any woman on a pedestal.

Cocky comedy – To be cocky and funny is a cool technique, and to make those women laugh through it is one more way to display that you are an alpha male and have the bad boy personality; however, when you are doing it then do it in such a way that you little bit more cockier than you are funny if you want to be a bad boy. You need to keep your edge. “Funny people” are generally never ever considered as a competition to absolutely anyone. A bad boy is a threat (in one way or the other) to everyone.

Confidence building – Confidence is paramount in life, and women love a confident man. However, bad boys have confidence in spades. If your confidence is low, you should try this again when it is high. You must exude confidence from within.

The so called Push and pull – The “Bad boys” have something in-built in them with which they can push girls away from them and have the same girls wanting to come back. This certainly does not mean that you should change and be an idiot yourself. Just learn it by working on the push / pull method, as this is considered to be a very time tested and successful seduction techniques. This is a must for bad boys.

12 Things That Turn Men Off.

1. Quit the rushy-wishy attitude if you want to get men to follow you home, if you want to stop turning men off. First, you got to cut out the rushy-wishy attitudes. “Hello charming, I just wish you were mine” invariably you are telling him you wish he belonged to you even though you are way off his league.

2. The first place women fail with men is by giving very loud compliment and being “extra-ordinarily nice” which transcend to “wussie”. Where women start failing is through the wrong talks.

3. Which is the rushy-quickie attitude? When we want to take it when we see it…letting the guy read us like a story book…being able to anticipate our next action. When we hurriedly take a guy into our room through the back door when nobody is at home to have a quick grab and kiss and he kept saying “no…no, I thought you just wanted to talk” that’s the quickie-rushy attitude, I think he would likely fall for you if you knowingly took him into that room, showed him around and brought him out.

4. Think for a minute… he is used to girl taking him to their rooms and bothering him but you are not. Yes, that looks different in a way, and more like the attitude of a matured girl. Look, it is not easy to bring a guy to your room and not touch him but those are the tough acts of a tough woman that gets her more guys in days to come; now he can’t tell her next action in a day to come.

5. There is nothing as bad a guy not wanting to see you because you would do nothing but bore him with those rushy-quickie attitudes. OK, it is possible to walk up to a guy, say the right things and take him home. But that is for super confident girls, not by trying to kiss him behind the stairs and he said “no” then you start pleading…then giving compliments and singing those long songs that greatly turn men off.

6. The Poor Flirtatious Attitude

There are great flirting tips for women throughout the World Wide Web. Make an effort and learn something. When you run into a pretty guy on the stair case and out comes “can’t wait to have you.” when you say this or show it in any way, it is a pretty quick way to turn men off,

7. “I can’t wait to see you” is a very big turn off. Many guys may stand to argue this.

8. Being desperate for attention.

9. Being clingy.

10. Hair on the body. For god sake please take care of yourself and be a woman or else your facial or body hair will turn your guy off.

11. Quit the “Please take me attitude”

12. So if you want to start turning on men, if you want to literally magnet hot guy, toughen up a bit, like you can go all day without him, Actually, going all day without him, wouldn’t be so nice but giving him the impression would have him asking for more.

It is very easy to turn men off but you can choose to turn them on!

Match-Fixing in Cricket

Before I get to match-fixing in cricket, let me talk about my experiences as an online poker player for about five years. One of the greatest things about online poker is that everyone who loses thinks that it’s fixed. Furthermore, even the winning players will have losing days, weeks, or months, and they will say that it’s fixed then too. Oddly enough few of these people actually quit gambling, or even online poker. They just keep on losing without improving their game. Also, nobody ever says the deal is fixed in favor of them. For the record, the card shuffling and deal in online poker is almost certainly legitimate at all the major sites, but there are occasionally things that happen where players do get cheated, like collusion between players and even players being able to see the cards of their opponents.

I know less about sports betting attitudes, but of course I read a lot of forums, and plenty of people claim it’s rigged there after they lose too. But in terms of cricket, I personally think major international matches these days are almost completely legitimate. However, whether this applies to other cricket events depends on how much money is wagered on these games in underground betting markets. On the exchanges or most online sites, there’s just no way. The limits are too low, and the amount of action on the exchanges insufficient to ever justify paying players tens of thousands of dollars to do something like score less than 10 and the like. There is no money to be made paying a player $10,000 when you can only win $5,000 on the game. On the other hand, I hear figures like $1.5 billion bet on a single IPL match, and probably similar to that for international cricket. But even then, the viability of a fix is questionable.

For example, consider a type of fix that would be relatively easy to pull off and would not be too horribly obvious, where a batsman is paid to make a 12 ball 1 in an ODI (something similar could be achieved for bowlers). Such a change costs a team about 8 runs compared to a batsman that was actually trying, plus another 15-20 or so for the loss of a wicket, depending on the conditions and where in the order the particular player was batting. A 25 run change would push a game about 10-12% points in favor of one team over the other, assuming they were evenly matched to begin with (it would be less if one team was already a substantial favorite).

Suppose a bettor was average at picking the games outside of putting in the fix such that they would be 50% to win a normal game between even teams. In this case, after the fix, betting on a game where you are a 60% favorite, assuming a standard 10 point vigorish (in other words, odds of -110/1.92/(92/100) on a game where the fair probability was 50% for each team), gives you an expected profit of 14.5% of the money bet. So to make it worthwhile for a betting syndicate/gang/what have you to consider putting in a fix, they’re going to need to be able to bet about 7 times the amount of money on the match as is required to bribe the player in question. Furthermore, there are issues like non-compliance by the player (of course they might not be paid if they don’t fail, but then you are losing money since you are placing a bet with negative expectation due to the vigorish) and expense in transaction costs, such that this probably winds up being more like 10 times the amount.

Whether a match is fixed or not we cannot say but we can surely say we all love this beautiful game called cricket.

Football Touches

Learn some first touch in football before the world cup begins in June.

Here is a scenario that you see many times on youth football fields; your keeper makes a beautiful save and punts the ball directly to a teammate, who heads the ball directly to a defender. As you learn how to coach kids’ football, drills that will teach your team to control the first touch will be invaluable.

Whether it is a punt form the goalkeeper, a pass from a teammate or an errant kick by the opposition, controlling the first touch is a big key to ball control.

There are two goals that a player should focus on when controlling the first touch. First, they need to make sure that that they protect the ball. Even before the ball arrives, smart defenders will already be moving into the area where the ball will land. Their intent is to make the receiver make a mistake with the ball, and to regain possession.

The second goal of the receiver is to play the ball into an open space so they will be able to make a good second touch. The player wants to make sure that they have the ability to gain or to keep momentum. If a player makes a pass that beats the defense, it loses its effectiveness if the receiver kills the momentum of the play and allows the defense to catch up with the play.

There are a couple of things the receiver should focus on when preparing to receive the ball. The body weight needs to be evenly distributed. You want the player balanced so they can quickly make adjustments backward and forward, or from side to side.

The second thing players should focus on is keeping their eye on the football ball. There are things that affect the flight of the ball. Everything from wind to the spin of the ball can make the ball travel further or knock the ball down. It can also cause the ball to drift one direction or the other. Players need to be able to see the ball well so they can make adjustments.

Keeping your eye on the ball sounds like an easy thing, but young players can get distracted by what is happening on the field around them. While they need to know who is near them, and where the open space is, they must follow the path of the ball.

An easy drill to get started teaching your players to control the ball is to have teammates make soft tosses to each other. The best way for players to learn how to properly receive the ball is to give them a lot of opportunities to get touches on the ball. That way they will get a better feel for how hard or soft they need to be in order to get the ball to go where they intend it to go. Give them chances to have touches using different parts of the body, and using different amounts of force on the football ball.

A couple of things you can work on are; deadening the ball so it lands at their feet, directing the ball toward a teammate, and knocking the ball down while still keeping momentum.

Kids’ football drills that teach your players to control the ball are a priceless tool for putting your team in a position to control the game. If you control the ball, your opponent cannot score.

Unlocking iPhone 5

The new iPhone 5 has to be one of the best phones out there in the market today. People from all over the world just love this new phone because of the brilliant capabilities and the awesome features that the phone provides. It does have some issues though. There have therefore been introduced many software in the market that helps in unlocking or jail-breaking the iPhone to allow users experience better and larger range of applications in their favorite Apple iPhones.

Jailbreaking is no longer a difficult task today and with it one can gain access to the applications that are not available to the Apple iPhones in general. The many software that are introduced in the market to jailbreak the iPhone, allow users to gain access to various themes, extensions and applications. Jail breaking has to be resorted to by the users as Apple’s limited applications are not expanded for use by the other models. Tools like Cydia use extensions for the iOS that enable users to customize applications according to their requirement. This allows user to not only personalize their applications and add appealing features to them, but also help remove those features that are not according to their requirement. The Sn0wBreeze is a reliable tool that can be used for the purpose of jailbreaking and unlocking.

The things that you need to know before you can actually unlock the iPhone:
Easy jail-breaking is a tethered procedure and the iPhone having an iOS 5 needs to be connected to the computer while being booted, such that the software is used every time the device is switched on.
A device that supports the iOS 5 has to be downloaded first before beginning the process of unlocking the iPhone 5.
The latest version of Sn0wBreeze needs to be installed in the computer after it is downloaded from the internet.

Small tips to help unlock the iPhone 5:
– The first step involves launching the Sn0wbreeze software.
– The next step involves proceeding according to the instructions that appear on the screen to find the downloaded iOS firmware file.
– The iOS of the current model as well as the iOS 5 will be displayed on the screen.
– Mode selection is the next step in jail-breaking.

From the two options that pop-up, choosing the Expert option to unlock the iPhone 5 is the best option.

4 options come up:
-Accessing general
-Custom package
-Custom boot logo
-Build IPSW

The IPSW is chosen.

1. The last step where human intervention is required is choosing the IPSW after which the Sn0wBreeze’s efficiency is proved by automatically running the pwn iOS 5 files.
2. The DFU mode is selected for the booting process.
3. The firmware that has been customized can be loaded into the device with the help of iTunes.
4. This can only be done by locating the device from the program’s side bar ad selecting Restore.
5. iBooty helps in booting the system. iBooty is first launched and the instructions need to be followed as they appear in the DFU mode.

After all this, the unlocked iPhone shall be ready to use.

These are just a few tips which will help you to unlock the new iPhone 5.


Article to Unlock iPhone 5 by Jimmy Thakkar

Cost of Laser Teeth Whitening

Cost of Laser Teeth Whitening, How to make it less

It is the pretty obvious demand of any age, which he / she want to look as good as possible. I suppose you are no exception. Teeth being one of the most visible parts of your face always demand for a good care, if you want your smile to get noticed even in million, then you will definitely require a beautiful and shining teeth to display. There has been various ways, by which you can actually keep your teeth as white as pearls, and one of the most effective ways to get it is by applying laser teeth whitening method. Here we will be putting some lights about laser teeth whitening, and the cost of laser teeth whitening.

1. Laser Teeth Whitening

This is the only method, by which you can get instant results, for this you do not need to wait long, as you often do while using home kits for teeth whitening. However, this also has been noticed that people are often hesitant, hearing the application of laser in teeth whitening process, but I would like to add that this process is absolutely safe and sound.

Let us now, have some details on how this actually works. For the person who is undergoing this process for the first time, the dentist first cleans up the teeth and removes any kind of plaque that may have been in your teeth, and can hamper the normal working process of teeth whitening. Then the paste or gel is applied over your teeth, and then laser is applied. The only reason for the application of laser is just to activate the chemicals that are present in the gel. The entire process is expected to get over by an hour time. After that the result you get is far better than any other method you apply to make your teeth whiter.

2. The cost of laser teeth whitening method

Well useless to mention, that this is one of the latest technology available in the market, and definitely will cost you much. The entire cost involved in the entire process is dependent on the treatment you need on your teeth. More the treatment is more will be the cost for you. However, you should also remember that this treatment will not cost you anything lesser than five hundred to a thousand dollars. Even though the cost is high, but still you are getting the result much quickly and much better than any other methods used.

3. How to minimize the cost

As we all know that laser teeth whitening cost is placed pretty on the higher side, but still you have a chance to minimize it to a great extent. You can keep applying less costly method to keep your teeth white, this will result in cut-down in treatment, and this way the cost will go down. Another way is that, after you do the treatment, if you have a smoking habit, then you should quit or should reduce it to a huge extent, this will help you in keeping your teeth white for a longer period of time.